Watery Windows

Once there was a hermit who had watery windows in her home.  Whatever she looked at through those windows had ripples flowing around it that told her everything she thought she needed to know.  The watery windows magnified anything small or far that she wished to see.   

One day, the hermit wondered if it was only she who saw the ripples in her watery windows, feared that it might be a curse forbidding her from leaving her home, and so she invited some people over.  But when she opened her door to let them in, there were no people at all, but a raging sea, instead, with treacherous currents and ominous waves. 

Her home was a ship and her sea legs wobbled at the realization that she had been out to sea so long that she was seeing ripples around everything. 

Back in her warm cabin, she pulled the shades over the windows. She made a pot of tea. And formed a cave with a blanket for her cat to purr in. Soon her mind came to a rest. And she became the calm in the eye of her storm.

8 thoughts on “Watery Windows”

  1. I really like the ending which summed it up for me. This is how I interpreted your sweet story, I hope you don’t mind. I see the whole story as a metaphor for all people. We all live in storms some worse than others. We lock ourselves in for reassurance and coziness in places we feel safe. The waves and shaking legs are all of our fears. It is easier to stay safe within your own environment, hence the little tent. I relate to your story as there are many times I would rather spend my time inside writing with those that I love than take risks. Thank you for that sweet story an ACOA can certainly understand it. πŸ’• love Joni. Beautifully crafted.

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