4 thoughts on “unseen”

  1. And yet, we are the sum total of our experiences, the things we’ve thought, the decisions we’ve made. There will always be something left over. I guess it’s the unseen things that are the problem. The opinions we are unaware of that might hold us back. Is that what you are talking about?

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    1. Thank you for the comment! I wrote this to remind myself that habit and intention seem to bring order to my life and that can be fine but it feels to me that much goes unseen when I’m too focused on whatever I think I can control. These words encourage me to think beyond what might work in the short term but might collect later into a jumbled mess. Habit alone always causes me to worry about its comfort smoothing out parts of life that might be worthy of reconsidering. And intentions often strike me as amplified simplifications that receive way too much attention when I catch myself thinking this way about my actions and the actions of others. Thus, in art, I’m constantly concerned with my intentions and breaking them in order to explore terrain I haven’t experienced yet.

      I hope you have an awesome weekend! Thank you again for your input!


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