On one of my regular walks, a sense of waiting overcame me. Earlier I had been thinking about how a photograph is really a suspension of a present moment. So I went for my normal walk through the neighborhood and took snapshots with my cell phone of whatever ordinary stuff seemed to involve my attention. Somehow interlinked in the desire for a walk was this feeling of waiting reflected in the ordinary things around me. And by the end of the walk, I felt as if a walk is very much about moving through a world waiting all around. Even I, though moving, was waiting to walk to the cafe and then waiting to get back home. Waiting for ordinary signs of waiting to stick out at me. And even though other people were engaged in activities, I saw them more like moving bodies waiting for something else to happen.

Wait Eucalyptus tree.

Wait wide open space.

Wait debris on steps.

Wait empty chair in the shade.

Wait balloon on grass near a dandelion.

Wait seed pods to drop.

Wait long shadows.

Wait horse tethered to a tree.

Wait coffee.

Wait pigeons perch.

Wait red truck at red light.

Wait shadow of stop light.

Wait paint on brick wall.

Wait gentrification.

Wait bagel with gentrification.

Wait wall for next rebellious poster.

Wait empty store.

Wait sticker on a bench on a tattoo parlor.

Wait windows clean.

Wait gold.

Wait unload truck.

Wait street cross.

Wait hair cut.

Wait old Pontiac locked up behind a fence.

Wait mail outside motel.

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