The Rattling Carriage

Once there was a carriage that rattled so much that it struck fear into the passengers who rode in it.  And there was a man who believed that he feared nothing and so he sought out this carriage and took a ride in it.  

He watched the other passengers, one by one, slip into their fears as the carriage rattled them this way and that.  They pushed their bodies back into their seats and their hands gripped anything near and their knuckles whitened as much as their faces.  And they were speechless as they closed their eyes as hard as they could and waited for the torture to be over.

And the carriage swung around turns on a mountainous road but this did not frighten him at all.  And the carriage rattled harder as it outrun some thieves who had tried to ambush them on the road, but he did not fear them because he was well-armed.  And the carriage jolted one of the passengers, a little boy, off his seat and out the window, but the man caught the boy by the ankle without even a flinch of fear for the child.  

Then the rattling stopped.  And the quiet allowed the passengers to open their eyes and relax their grips.  Everyone felt weightless as their bodies slightly hovered over their seats and the passengers laughed at how good it felt compared to the heavy rattling before.  The man looked out the window but only saw the air and yelled at the laughing passengers and called them insane.  They laughed even more at the face the man made.  It was the face of someone who had never felt fear before and it looked really funny to them.

When the carriage rattled again, the man could not believe it so he looked out the window again and he saw that they had gone down a very steep path of sand.  And he begged them not to tell anyone about how – as he put it – he had merely lost his cool for a moment.  And the passengers smiled at him in a way that made him give that face again.

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