incandescent leaves

Combustible swarms of potential energy possess the warm winds who scream for a sacrificial bonfire! Their anticipation whips up into a frenzy for the cyclical conflagration that will return the nutrients back to the charred soil. All we can do is await the spectacle to come and loathe its smokey purge of the flora and fauna we hold dear. What soft flesh is this that beholds such a sublime terror that marches forward so slowly then suddenly? That we know is coming yet arrives without warning?

8 thoughts on “incandescent leaves”

  1. Peter, your works are truly spectacular. I often want to leave you a small missive, a-something to display my joy of sharing a blogging experience with folks as you, but with you specifically, I understand that I’m still a bit too young and a bit too raw to tell you anything of worth. While it saddens me that I can’t find something within that measures up, I’m somewhat hopeful that I never do, because it will be indicative that your work never lost its luminance to me.
    I included you in a Recommendations page, in my blog. It’s static so there is no pingback, thus why I felt the need to inform you. If you’d like to be removed, I will not take it negatively, just say the words!

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    1. I’m stunned. Flabbergasted. Thank you dearly for this heartfelt message! I’d prefer that any fear of measuring up would be cast aside because I really don’t see things that way. Youth and rawness are welcome! Small missives enjoyed for their own sake. I’m enthralled by the posts on your blog as well and was left speechless with an appreciation for their tender wanderings into enigmatic experiences. It’s an honor that you recommend me and in fact it really gave me some strength to carry on with this arduous journey into the unknown.

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    1. Very cool! They still surprise me so I keep making them! Pareidolia shows us how our mind searches for patterns in randomness. Seeing is more than looking at rather assembling what is to be seen. Thank you! 🍄🙏🍄

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