13 thoughts on “junkyard cusp”

  1. Peter, a very entertaining post! All you need to add is a couple of “junkyard dogs!”( Just thinking of the old Jim Croce song, “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown,” who was “meaner than a junkyard dog.” I don’t know why that came to mind!)

    Seriously, I think this is a fine poem. Archeologists learn about civilizations from rubbish heaps. Sculptors recycle materials to incorporate into their art. You have shown them to be a great source of inspiration for a poet! All the best, Cheryl

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  2. This perfectly shows the chasm between the perception of junk and the noting of possibility. And now I’m thinking of the local junkyard dog when I was a kid and have Bad Bad Leroy Brown in my head.

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  3. This piece reminds me of the beginning of 2020. Many unexpected and terrible things have happened, but amidst it all we can find opportunities to move forward and make progress.

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  4. Two chasms, the mind and heart.
    We’re so deep, so close and ever farther the more we stop trying.
    Two chasms, remember what we want to forget.
    They remember the tears, the love, the blood rich with passion.
    It’s never too late to bring it back.
    Two chasms weren’t deepened in a day.

    This post is very inspiring and beautiful . Great writing 🙂

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