summer trot

Here’s a little tune I play to keep my spirits up. Sometimes when I go to sleep at night I hear music playing in my head. And it’s far better than anything I could ever play. A few months ago, I was mighty sick and I awoke from a feverish dream covered in sweat and I grabbed this guitar that just patiently rests against my bookcase and the core of the song just popped right out! It sounded like joy to me. So I’ve just been playing this song since then. It took on different shapes and tempos. Sometimes when I’m walking about I catch myself whistling it. When I play it, I feel like a horse trotting on a beach in summer. So please forgive any bumps along the way and trot with me!

summer trot

9 thoughts on “summer trot”

  1. I loved the mood and the atmosphere your lovely piece created 🎼🎸 It reminds me of the night of Christmas Eve in Tenerife three years ago. I had a stroll along the sandy beach while some musicians were performing next to the sea with the sun slowly going down.

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