Silvery Fish

Once there was a diver who found a special school of fish. Whenever he stood on the sea floor by a certain rock near a hole that seemed bottomless, the school of silvery fish would appear above him. And they swam into shapes of the things and people in his life and showed him what they were doing. He saw the fish swim into the shapes of his mom falling and his dad catching her. And when he got to shore that day he visited his parents and they asked him how he knew what had happened. On another dive, the fish swam into the shape of his son who helped an old woman carry a pail of water. And he told his son later what a good boy he was and his son looked at him in amazement. And the fish swam into the image of a ring while others swam through it. He went to the cave near the village and trapped enough game to last the village a season. The people celebrated with a feast and aksed him how he knew about the game hiding out in the cave and he said it was the fish who told him and they laughed and thought he didn’t want to tell anyone his secret. The last time anyone saw him was when he went for a swim and the fish showed the largest dome he had ever seen. There must’ve been thousands more of these silvery fish who made a dome that stretched as far as the eye could see. And a glowing ball of reflections ascended from the bottomless hole and took its place on high under the ceiling and appeared to the diver as a waterfall of sunlight. And then all the fish swam down the hole and he after them.

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