The Disappearing Necklace

Once upon a time there was a poor man who found a valuable necklace on the side of the road. He lived with others he did not trust so he found a spot in the woods and buried the necklace there. When he figured out where to sell it, he returned to dig it up but it was gone. At first, he thought his mind had played a trick on him so he dug many holes. Still no necklace. Tired from digging he took a seat and saw the necklace dangling from an oak branch. he thought to himself, “how did the necklace unbury itself and get up there?” Surely somebody else did it but why? Was someone watching him? He looked around the lonely forest before grabbing the necklace and pocketing it. But when he returned to the village where he wanted to sell it, he reached into his pocket only to discover it lost again. This village was known for its pickpockets. He figured that somebody slipped it out of his pocket. On his way home, the necklace appeared in his other pocket. Determined to not let it slip away this time, he hid it in his bed. But in the morning, it was gone. He shrugged it off and went to work where the necklace reappeared in the mouth of a horse. He grabbed it but it fell to the floor and broke into pieces. While he was on his knees picking up the pieces, somebody asked him why he was putting the horse’s teeth on a string. He looked up at the horse who gave him a toothless grin and finally laughed at losing the necklace all over again.

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