When I was older
and lived on the anonymous
side of town,
I'd find a private 
hidden room
in a forgotten building
and simulate 
a multitude of escapes,
but as the years
grow younger,
the perimeter shrinks.
The resources dwindle.
And the chair stiffens
for the man made now
of loose belts
who begs,
"Adorn me with
one more place
to dream of cages."

And the typewriter attempted its own escape.

10 thoughts on “Man-Made”

  1. We have an expression in Spanish, which translated means, “the fever is not in the sheets” We can change beds, change homes, change towns, but the fever remains. I think some cages work that way too. Very thought-provoking poem.

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    1. Fantastic expression – though it swings a bit hard on the interior/exterior pendulum between consciousness and the world it inhabits or glues together. A separation I’m not certain exists. Regardless, that expression seems quite useful as a shortcut. Thank you!


  2. This piece speaks to me if the way we might try to escape the place we are within our own mind, whether that be good or bad, or simply a place we want to move along from.

    Thank you for sharing.

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