eternal stain

Have you ever come across a moment where the situation seems to have always existed in this particular way? What I mean is that sometimes I stumble across a seemingly insignificant moment like this one – dockworkers prepping and loading a catch in the early morning – and for a moment what I witness seems as if it has always been that way. Maybe a byproduct of memory snags my sleeve. The sensation of some eternal stain trails behind the simulation of the senses. And for a brief moment, an ephemeral scene seems as if it lasts forever in a strange loop or a pocket of simulated memory. A mise en scΓ¨ne stuck on repeat in a strange theater suspended somewhere accessible to other minds in other ages or even other planets. Transferred across other mediums. A mass of images collected behind the frame of consciousness seeping in over time from a cosmic hive mind.

11 thoughts on “eternal stain”

  1. I think I know what you mean – though it’s easier sometimes to access these feelings when a scene is less overtly industrial. I felt something like what you describe in Jagalchi fish market in Busan, South Korea. Every seaside town all over the world sells fish. But these traders, though I only knew some of the varieties they were selling, seemed to exist in some timeless endless loop. They’d always been there, and they always would be. I’m probably not On Message here …

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  2. This is a fascinating ! I had this kind of experience once when I was watching a woman working in her garden. This scene struck me as something that was in an eternal loop. Going on over and over everywhere and every era in time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience!

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