Once there was a hermit who starved and reduced himself to a pulse and a breath.  When he reached beyond every point of resistance within, the light came to him. And a figure appeared with hair and beard curled in a style the hermit had only seen in ancient art of the fertile crescent.  The ancient figure announced itself as Shamash, the solar god of justice. And in that appearance, the hermit recognized himself. It was his face staring back at him from under that curled hair. And he told himself to use his pen as a fiery sword.  And so he wrote fairy tales in order to convey the vision that he had received from this deity.

by Shamash


After receiving a life altering illness, I was in between psilocybin trips taken for healing purposes when a vision came in the form of a drop of water.  I touched it and it rang out like a bell. Its waves rippled through the fabric of space and time. And there was a bright light.  And a figure appeared. He told me he was Shamash. His hair and beard curled in a style I had only seen in museums on sculptures from Sumeria.  But I had not heard the name Shamash for many years. I think I only read about the deity in the Epic of Gilgamesh. So it was strange that this came to mind now.  As I looked deeper into his face, I recognized my own. He had my face and we both laughed about how funny the other looked, being from different eras. He told me that if I ever had a question that I could touch the one drop of divine water and he would answer me.  I touched it as soon as he left and he returned and knew that I was joking and had a good sense of humor about it. Later I tried asking him some questions and he would answer in a way that I could expect, in that his answers encouraged me to trust what I already knew.  This felt like the ultimate mind game. And I had to laugh at myself and question the sanity of this. But many years ago, I dedicated myself to following a personal vision in a search for meaning because I had washed up bereft on the shores of nihilistic atheism. But I knew that I would never be a believer either.  This was more of an experiment to see what my mind could come up with in terms of a metaphorical coherence. With these types of experiences, whether it is real or not does not matter because it is an experience and that has some value whose meaning interests me where it intersects something that happened and something that cannot be purely believed without any doubt.  

Introduction to Small Round Corner

Small Round Corner is a small place on the web to collect the metaphors that relate to the exploration of my consciousness.

There are three ways of transmitting such a vision revealed by metaphorical deities.  One is through a medium that is easy to understand because the genre has its established elements and so I write Fairy Tales.  Each one indirectly describes some aspect of the greater cosmic vision.

The second way is to write micropoems that distill the experience of consciousness through the objects of the perceived outside world.

The third way is through making images.  At first, I was on a quest to make psychedelic images in order to reflect the ways in which I was seeing my consciousness expand.  I still make these because they feel explorative and fun and challenge the stiff notions of what an image has to be or what reality it has to convey.  It’s over the top and that’s the point. I post those on Instagram. But now I’m also making the images that are not manipulated in ways other than the exposure in order to reveal the reflections of this cosmic vision. And these are posted here.

Thanks for checking this blog out and let me know if you’ve had similar experiences or what any of the content makes you think about.

Peter Ellis